Connecting the World with Etiquette


Connecting the World with Etiquette


Connecting the World with Etiquette


Connecting the World with Etiquette


Connecting the World with Etiquette


Connecting the World with Etiquette

Get Accredited

The Etiquette Alliance International provides a platform to reinforce confidence and expectation to the general public.  We invite you to join us as:


Affiliated Member, Registered Etiquette Trainer (RET) or Registered Etiquette Master Trainer (REMT), you will receive:

  • Credibility:

    With a distinguish title after your name, you exude confidence to the general public  to hire you as a professional and qualified trainer.  Knowing that your training meets The Etiquette Alliance’s standards, your prospective clients can engage your services with ease. Upon approval of your screening, you will be credited with the following titles:

  • RET, Registered Etiquette Trainer, The Etiquette Alliance International (TEAI)
  • REMT, Registered Etiquette Master Trainer, The Etiquette Alliance International (TEAI)
  • RIS, Registered Image & Style Trainer, The Etiquette Alliance International (TEAI)


  • Commendation:

    Establish a benchmark with a validated certification.  You can invite your clients, media and general public  to search for your services and affiliation in our portal.

  • Brand Equity:

    Increase your personal brand and generate higher income returns. You convince your clients’ perceptions of your quality and values.

  • Member benefits:

    We provide registrants special concession rates for workshops, retreats, events,  books and platforms to informative knowledge and social networking.

  • Cyber Community:

    The Etiquette Alliance International’s  portal provides great opportunity for you to connect, meet and fellowship with other Etiquette, Image and Beauty professionals.  You share ideas, thoughts, tips, information and teaching skills through our online social media.

  • Directory Listing:

    Members of the public can search for you anywhere around the world. Not to mention, hiring an accredited trainer signifying approval and distinction.

  • Search Engines Optimization:

    Be listed in top search engines such as Google and Yahoo through the most effective strategies of  link building, content listing, ad words management – proven traffics  advantage.

  • Continuing Education:

    Make a positive impact in your participants’ lives!  The most fulfilling moment is to receive repeat business from your existing clients.  You want to make a difference and value-add their supports.  Continuing education is a surviving route and brings about new and innovative experiences to your training career. The Etiquette Alliance provides workshops and certification programs at your milestones.